Divorce Law and Mediation:

The IELC believes that a marital divorce does not have to be a life event that destroys you or your entire family. Although divorce law in today’s world is a fact of life, we aim to help clients deal with their divorce in a positive and safeguarded manner. Divorce does not mean the end of everything for which you have worked so hard. Nor does it mean an end to relationships with your children and other relatives.

Your divorce is not simply a matter of dividing assets – it is a critical decision with a tremendous impact on your child’s life, as well as your own. Your child’s welfare should be a foremost concern. We understand the difficulties and challenges divorce imposes upon you and your children. Our representation is designed to help you meet and overcome those difficulties and challenges so you and your family members can make a smooth transition.
When you decide to divorce, you deserve options, and you deserve a family law attorney who will work with you to seek legal solutions that are right for you and your family. No two divorces are alike. Every family is different and every family has unique circumstances to consider before agreeing on child custody, visitation, financial support, and property division. You deserve more than a simple and generic approach to your divorce representation. You expect and deserve individual attention, with a focus and understanding of your particular case.

The first step toward winning is hiring the right lawyer. Our firm has the ability to successfully advocate for our clients without engaging in a war that can become too costly and devastating for the entire family. There is a better way: there is a way of reason and effective representation. We have the talent to negotiate the results you deserve and the ability to obtain those results through professional and competent legal advocacy. If negotiation and settlement among the parties would prove unsuccessful or is impossible, we will aggressively and effectively represent you in the event your case proceeds to trial.
We offer a free initial consultation, a prompt analysis and opinion of your case, and a promise to take the time to understand your individual situation and determine your needs.

Mediation: (Private and Confidential)

Our mediation center, the Inland Empire Mediation Group (“IEMG”), is a private mediation organization serving attorneys, the courts, businesses, and the general public in settling cases and resolving disputes.  IEMG specializes in the mediation of disputes in divorce, probate, real estate and general business.



We understand that there is a new trend and need for mediation services which demands much more than what the other typical alternative dispute resolution groups now offer. We believe that our unique approach and commitment to resolving disputes brings greater results and personal satisfaction to those involved in the process. We hope to continue gaining your trust and confidence. Give us the opportunity to show you how we mediate at the Inland Empire Mediation Group.

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