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Divorce Law & Mediation

Although divorce law in today’s world is a fact of life, we aim to help clients deal with their divorce in a positive and safeguarded manner.

Real Estate Law

Our real estate law expertise compliments the firm’s other major practice areas and provides experienced representation in all matters related to real property.

Probate Law

Choosing the right person to manage the probate law affairs related to your will, trust or other aspect of an estate plan is very important.

Estate Planning

Estate planning allows an individual to plan for his or her lifetime objectives, one of the most important decisions an individual will come to make.

**COVID-19 Legal Services Notice**

Due to the present Coronavirus Pandemic, we are now providing free Video Conferencing for all of your necessary communications with us.  Please call or email us and we will schedule a Video Meeting with you on virtual platforms that you can easily access. For new clients, we are offering free initial consultations through either phone or video communication.  Please contact us for details.

The Inland Empire Law Center (IELC) is a diversified law group offering specialized legal services in today’s ever changing and fast paced world. The challenges facing all of us in accomplishing legal tasks and solutions are greater and greater than ever before. Changing laws based on changing values and standards within our society must be recognized and assessed quickly and efficiently. Modern technology coupled with the continuing strains of court case overload and expensive legal fees make it more and more difficult to achieve fairness and a just legal result.

IELC is comprised of three distinct law groups that provide you with customized legal services, all of which are dedicated to make your legal needs the center of attention resulting in a fair and satisfying legal solution.  Our primary goal to serve our clients as well as our local communities.  We are committed to providing competent legal services for fair and reasonable fees while trying to solve your legal issues in as short of time as possible.  We like to use the term “Arthroscopic Law” – getting you in and out of legal trouble as quick as possible!

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