COVID-19 and Estate Planning

During these uncertain and stressful times, estate planning should be addressed for all concerned more than ever before.

This is a time to get your affairs in order and be relieved to know that in case of any immediate life ending circumstances, you have your estate plan in place for the protection and security of your family. 

This would include having in place a will, living trust, health care and general powers of attorney, and advance care directives. 

IELC is very passionate and compassionate about these issues and wants to be of service regarding these issues which are now of more importance for everyone.  Our goal is to give you and your family security and avoid your affairs and decisions ending up in Probate Court. If family disputes should arise, we can achieve resolution through our private mediation efforts conducted by our in-house Inland Empire Mediation Group. 

COVID-19 and Divorce

Families who are now in “social distancing” mode are experiencing feelings of isolation and additional anxiety.  These circumstances add to the already stressful and emotional strains while spouses are going through a divorce.

If a couple is in the midst of a divorce, child custody and visitation may be more difficult to resolve.  There is no doubt that due to present societal changes, divorce cases will be continued several months and maybe longer.  Due to a financial downturn, couples may not be able to afford continuing attorney’s fees and costs.

If a couple is currently separated and contemplating divorce, now is maybe the time to take a step back and re-assess your particular circumstances.  Compromise and better communication are essential now.  Instead of forcing the issues in an aggressive manner, now is the time for, at the very minimum, compromise and effective short term resolutions.  Private mediation efforts instead of litigation should be explored at all cost.

At the IELC, we are dedicated to provide early resolution of any divorce case.  Separate and apart from individual attorney involvement and litigation if necessary, we are more interested in providing couples private and confidential mediation efforts.  We use a two person approach by offering joint mediation from both a man and woman, both whom are legal professionals with 30+ years of experience.  The ultimate mediation process will be less expensive than “lawyering up”, while providing you the opportunity of being in control of the outcome of your case.  All this is provided in a comfortable setting in private sessions either in person, or now via Virtual Conferencing methods. All necessary documentation and court forms will be prepared and filed.  Once again, this is conducted by our own in-house Inland Empire Mediation Group.  Our ultimate goal is to keep you out of court.

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